Frequent Player Card

The Frequent Player Card is a pre-paid card that entitles the bearer 8 full rounds of golf at En-Joie.  This personalized card may be purchased at any time during the season in the golf shop.  The card is an excellent option for those who like to play En-Joie, but aren’t quite ready to join as season-long members.


  • You may purchase up to two(2) cards per year.
  •  The rounds may be split up into 9-hole rounds at your discretion.
  • The Mon-Thur cards are not designed to be used on other days.  
  • If a Monday thru Thursday card is used on Holidays or Fri-Sun there will be a mandatory upcharge fee.

Frequent  Player  Card  Pricing  2020:              

8  Rounds  *

                                 Mon-Thurs                Mon-Thurs                      ANYDAY

                             Walking ONLY        Cart Included             Cart Included 

ADULT                            $245                          $345                            $469

 ( Ages 19 to 61 )     *Saves $27            *Saves $47                *Saves $83   


SENIOR                           $220                            $325                             $469

( Age 62 & up )       *Saves $28               *Saves $43                 *Saves $83                                                                                           

Please stop by the En-Joie Golf Shop or call us at 607-785-1661 for further details or information regarding the Frequent Player Card.